Do We Really Need Life Insurance Cover?

If we were all Arabian oil sheiks, we probably wouldn’t need insurance cover per se, as we would be able to pay for anything that needed to be replaced or repaired from our own pocket. Then again, oil sheiks probably do have life insurance, and so should we. The reason being, very few of us are fortunate enough to go through life without any mishaps of one kind or another.

In reality, mishaps of many kinds are as much a part of life as breathing and they also occur with reasonable regularity. If little Johnny does not put a cricket ball through the lounge window and smash your prize ginger jar, then Suzie will fall ill and need medical attention. Even the dog could contract tick-bite fever and have to be taken to the vet. All of these things can, and do, happen and dictate that insurance needs to be taken out by you and I. There are a vast number of plans out there and the ones that are applicable to us will depend on our own unique set of circumstances. Moreover, these circumstances will most likely change from time to time and require us to adapt our cover accordingly.

Insurance products are divided into two major categories, short-term insurance (that will need to be revised from time to time) and long-term cover such as life insurance. The term “life insurance” is today a much broader concept than it was two decades ago. Within the scope of this type of coverage are many aspects to be looked at and the importance of them may change as time passes. For instance, our status as a single person may change to being married and we may subsequently acquire the responsibilities of being a parent with increasingly more responsibility to our family. As life changes over time, a person may find that they need all sorts of protection ranging from car, home and life insurance to medical aid cover, insurance against loss of income, critical health cover, educational insurance policies, and more.

Sadly, insurance cover of any kind is not about ‘good news’ but rather about putting right what may have gone wrong from a financial perspective. Say a motorist bumps your car with theirs in the parking lot on a busy Saturday morning and the cost of repairing your car ends up being in the region of 10 000 rands, if you are not insured you will have to find the money to repair it all on your own. With the way things go these days you may find yourself unable to find the cash to pay for these repairs because you have just been retrenched. Luckily, you had planned for such an event by taking out cover for potential loss of income so you and your family will not be left destitute. That being said, you still need for your whole life to be covered so that your family does not land in an even worse financial predicament than this, should you pass away unexpectedly.

If you need to get some life insurance, but have HIV/AIDS or diabetes then you need to speak to AllLife insurance about your insurance needs. You will not regret it for a moment.