Insurance Agency Webinars And Insurance Agency eMarketing

Much attention has recently been attributed to insurance agency SEO and social media marketing, and rightly so. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are increasingly more important components of an effective insurance agency marketing plan, and will continue to be important for many years to come. However, acceptance and adoption of these new insurance web marketing initiatives should not come at the expense of a strong outbound lead generation program, of which, eMarketing and educational insurance agency webinars remain a superior choice for many agents and brokers.

Many businesses have seen a significant increase in inbound leads over the past few years, coming to fruition from initiatives related to blogging, ePublishing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing programs. However, ongoing eMarketing and web seminar programs continues to generate a significant number of leads, and should be a crucial web marketing component for almost any insurance agency, and particularly so for B2B oriented (commercial) lines of business. If an agency creates an opt in list of say 5,000 targeted contacts, they should be able to achieve consistent webinar registration of 50 to 250 prospects per webinar. These webinars offer an opportunity for organizations to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of their respective target markets, extending brand and marketing reach. If agents, brokers or producers don’t have an opt in email marketing list or don’t know how to create one, this function can be outsourced to a reputable insurance marketing agency.

Agents and brokers which have incorporated insurance agency webinars into their web marketing initiatives will reap long term lead generation benefits. This statement is worthy of clarification in saying those agents who can exercise patience in building an eMarketing and Webinar program will see great results. It takes time to build an effective and productive webinar series, but it is well worth the wait. Webinar marketing initiatives are effective for essentially any agency, but most effective when targeting a vertical (Insurance Transportation, Construction, Group Health, etc.). Which should your agency undertake, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Insurance eMarketing or Insurance Agency Webinars? The answer is simple, in this day and age, your organization should embrace all of these programs. They replace the traditional Yellow Pages, direct mail marketing, on site seminar marketing and old fashioned PR, prevalent in years past.